Hearing the words matric result is the most scariest thing you ever heard.You leave in fear not knowing how well you did.You keep imagining negative vibe ,scared and wanting to lose your dream.You even think of committing suicide not to disappoint your parents


At night you don’t sleep thinking about how well you will achieve.You keep asking yourself countless questions wondering if you will make your parents proud or disappoint them.You don’t even get enough rest thinking about your achievements or your drop to the floor.Sometimes you keep on telling yourself if you made it or you have disappointed the nation.

Always feeling sorry for yourself won’t make the matric results disappear or not to be seen.In life sometimes you must have positive vibe to get the best result since you have earn them.Crying and locking yourself up won’t make the results go away.Being depressed won’t help because in someway u have to be strong .


No matter what result you get never lose hope.If your matric result come negative just know it’s not the end just be fearless.You can still rewrite and make your parents proud.whatever result you come across never think of committing suicide because it’s not a solution to your fail.Dont even think of feeling sorry for yourself nor crying it will only make you weak and never see great thing ahead.


Just wanna wish class of 2021 well on their result and all the best.