Indeed yesterday will never return. I still have flashbacks of memories that I can’t erase, the remembrances that play repeat in my mind. The times I was Daddy’s favourite Princess. He was such a spoiler… A father who does everything for his angel. I grew up just like a spoiled little girl. Daddy’s little girl. Whatever I yearned for, he would provide. He was such an awesome father. My elder sister was envious about our bond. She didn’t receive the same treatment, but she enjoyed the special treatment during her childhood too.

I was the little child in the house; hence I cared for more. So I had to enjoy it while it still lasted. I used to brag about how Daddy pampered me when I was with my friends. A minute wouldn’t pass by without mentioning his name. He was the only one to lend me an ear and who listened to my funny stories. Such adorable moments of storytelling. These were my favourite moments to bond with him. 

These moments never vacate my memory. We used to stroll around every often, Go shopping together, just daddy and his little princess. It was such a remarkable experiment. The pampering never lasted forever. Things started to changed when God blessed my family with a little one. Now I was a sister and had to for the newbie to be spoiled. Mom and Dad allowed my sister and I to named him. But then now all the focus was on a little king. 

My sister and I would fight to hold him. Each and every morning, we would wake up early just to starred right in his eyes and play with him. I couldn’t hold it for any longer, I spread the news to my friend’s about my little brother. My family was pleased about the birth of a little boy. They arranged a party, where by family and friends were invited to celebrate the arrival of a little one in our family.

The party became a success. Everyone was happy and rejoice with us. Dad plays his favorite song while drinking. A minute later Dad fainted. Everyone was shocked. He was taken by my grandfather’s car to the hospital. Our excitement was no more.

We were in deed sadness, praying in our hearts for our father’s speedy recovery. Uncle called the family to inform about his condition. We were notified that he was diagnosed with Sugar diabetes. Everyone’s mood was ruined.
And the great moment of yesterday was washed away by the sadness in our faces.