In my mind I used to think rich people own the most expensive items of clothing I was astonished to learn how they are wiser in terms of using their money and thats the main reason they remain with healthy bank balances. A few days ago I visited one of my family members he’s one of the biggest director in one of the biggest campany in South Africa, he lives on owened plot apartment it’s was like I’m a dreaming when I firstly went into his apartment it’s top class, expensive furniture, beautiful art piece, my God it’s one of those houses that they normally feature on top biling. Well this is what we call “soft life” this atmosphere was different from where I come from its therapeutic the view itself gives you time to do self introspection. Whilst I was deep in my thoughts he called me to accompany him to go and do shopping, it was fun I must say I learned a lot so rich people do shop at your Normal retail shop, they do look for cheap product, they count every cent which made me wonder and had changed of perspective because I saw that they really have respect towards money. I asked him is he always like this when shopping and are his children wearing cheap clothes while living in such beautiful apartment he told me that he rather invest the money in their education rather than buying a child an item of clothing that cost thousands of rands, I was shocked by that statement but then again I’ve realized that many of us as Africans we some how waste our money on unnecessary things all in the name of soft Life, well if we were to change perspective towards money and perhaps have financial education they maybe we “might” be rich soft life doesn’t mean one should break their Bank balance, soft life is simple we just got it all wrong.