Allow me to help you to reinvent yourself. I’m obsessed with personal development and it’s always a pleasure to share my techniques with others. Let’s dive straight into it and if you can, try to take notes.


I made this the first topic because I know how much a relationship can effect our personal well-being. I bet a lot of us has been in toxic relationships that has drained us emotionally to a point that it effected our self confidence and mental well-being. It is important to be aware of the “red flags” in relationships. I wasn’t aware of how crazy I can act until I got into a bad relationship and I don’t ever want to be in that position ever again and I don’t wish that on anyone. Having boundaries will allow yourself not to settle for less. Work out boundaries that will work for you so that you can be clear of what you are willing to settle for in a relationship and keep your standards high at all costs.

Mental health

Let’s get real, your mental health is the most important aspect when striving to be a better you because all the things you plan for yourself starts in you head. You can live a positive life if you start to think positively. Take some time and figure yourself out, work out what makes you happy, sort out your past and deal with your current circumstances and try to improve that.


Differentiate between having a “job” and having a “career”. Your 9-5 is someone else’s passive income. Create your own income stream by building on a career that you are passionate about.

Emotional Intelligence

On a scale from 1-10, how well can you handle your emotions?

You need to learn not to take anything personal, I know that we all are human beings and sometimes certain things can effect us emotionally but rather than acting out and regretting your behavior later on, just take a deep breath and let it go, yes it’s that simple. You will feel more in control of your emotions and that will be your superpower, nothing and no one will be able to get any kind of bad reaction out of you.

Needs and wants

Make a list of your needs and wants. I bet your wants is probably more than needs. Financially this will effect us more than we could possibly imagine. That’s why it is important to budget and save some money. Someone told me that I should give myself some time and try to save R5000 every month from now on up until 2025 and by that time the total amount will be R150 000 and I could use that money on a down payment for a house or a car. That’s a really smart strategy but for some of us saving R5000 pm is just impossible because of the cost of living is extremely expensive, so if you can try saving just a small amount every time you get some money just for some financial insurance.

I’m sharing this with you, because these strategies helped me to get out of my negative state and has motivated me to strive for better circumstances.