What has become of our nation? Has our nation come to an end? Has the almighty turned his back on his dearest children? What is the future of our nation?

These days when I look around me all I see is women being raped and victimised in a brutal way. Everyday an innocent soul is lost, everyday we lose a sister,mother and an aunt.

How are we going to move forward as a nation?,if we keep victimizing the ones that plays a big role in nation building!. Is this what we want as a nation? A nation that always takes a step backwards instead of forward?

If not, let’s take good care of these roses of ours, let’s shower them with love, protection and respect. Because if we do so ,they will brighten our nation with colourful colours.

They will enrich our nation with wealth,power and success. Let us unite as a nation because “alone we are nothing but together we are everything”