My name is Noluthando I was abused by my father’s second wife with her two babies. The woman’s children were named Nqobile and Ofentse Nqobile was a girl and Ofentse was a boy. They never loved Me they always told me to do everything on my own for them I always cried in the middle of the night I wished to kill my self

Ofentse once made me sleep with him in order for him to have sex with him months passed without me saying any word to my father. I was hurting everyday. I wished my mother was here with me . One day no one was in the house it was me and Ofentse. Ofentse then locked all doors and closed everything. He then said I want you . I then said no that will never happen. I am tired of you abusing me. He then grabbed my ass and started kissing me in the neck behind me there was a knife I then took the knife and put in Ofentse’s stomach he then stopped kissing me he said pls don’t kill me I love you I was doing all this because I love you but scared to tell you please forgive me. I cried out in pain and asked God why does it have to be me after all these years harrassing me and abusing me you did all that because you loved me She rushed Ofentse to hospital and they lived happily ever after

Love comes in many different ways. They accepted Ofentse and Noluthando’s love and they now treated Noluthando’s in a fair way then Nqobile started to have jealous for her brother because she also tried to sleep with her brother in a forced way

Happy ending