My name is Zinhle. I was born on the 27th of December I am living in one of the villages of Kwesakamthethwa called Ntoyeni near Mankayiyane Store. 

I am slender which is a bit light but not light, I have a round face with big eyes, I wouldn’t say that I have curves but I have a good appearance. I get most of my features from my mom, she always compliments my beauty and Amazing personality and I love myself the way I am. I am friendly, talkative, bubbly, humble, self-disciplined, noble, amiable, and trustworthy and I am a bit shy and down to earth.

The things that make me unique are that I am always understanding, I’m ambitious, I love reading a lot and I am an addict to reading and no rehab can fix my addiction. I usually get good compliments from people telling me that I am clever and I also have a good personality and I’m tender. I have a talent for writing and a gift for languages. My talents and gifts come from my enthusiastic curiosity about things. I believe that respect and my humbleness make me a good person.

The challenges that I go through are heartbreaking but I know that I am strong and I will always conquer every challenge that I face or go through and I know I was born to manifest and conquer. The people who inspire me are Dr Lee and my mom but especially my mom because she has taught me a lot of things about life and has advised me about a lot of things as I am now more mature and understanding.

What I want to do with my life is to succeed and prosper. The mark I wanna make on this world is to help poor people and those who have skin diseases as I wish to be a dermatologist. I wanna be remembered as a respectful, kind, amiable person who is a good listener and a good advisor to people who will appreciate my help. I wanna make a very big difference in this world.