It’s difficult trying to understand who I am really, Sometimes I feel like I am not someone of this world. This has been happening to me lots of times. And I don’t find an answer, it’s so draining and tiring. Sometimes I just get tired out of nowhere. When I go to sleep, I have lots of nightmares. Those ones u think u will end with them. One if it was in real life, u will never survive. Then I wake up saying a little prayer to my creator, thanking him for giving me another chance to live.

The most question is What am I, day and night I ask myself what am I? What is my purpose in this world? Surely I am born to be something…why is my purpose not manifesting? Am I not praying enough? Day and night I am always tired, I can’t even enjoy my youth years. Like something is holding me down, preventing me to do something to find my future. What is wrong with me? I like being left alone with my mind, but I am really tired of overthinking. Is it true when they say Virgos are overthinkers? Then I wish to change this zodiac sign. I am tired of overthinking, I find comfort in sleeping because that’s where my mind finds rest.

Maybe one day I will find an answer, to know who I am. I will keep on hoping to know what I am. Surely there’s a reason for everything, but I don’t understand the reason for my suffering in this situation. Where’s my peace of mind? When my mind is always creating scenarios. If there was an award for overthinkers, I guess I would have lots of them
I pray and hope that God will guide and show me the right way. Because he is faithful always and forever…