Which one is the best narrator that explains the story of my pain way better for everyone to understand? Which one helps me heal from every wound? Which one is it?
Is it the tears that flow down my cheeks when no words come out of my mouth? The tears that make my pillow shiver in cold every night from being wet tears. Tears that only resulted in a fit of huge anger inside me, which grows into more toxic than python. Is this the one?
Is it the stories and poems that I write on FunDza LoveWriting using my small cellphone? The stories and poems that I write when no one else is there to sit down and listen to me explain my pain. Same stories that end up being published and result in comments that heal my soul and make me feel relieved. Is this the one?
Is it the sad songs that I sing with my sweet voice? The songs I sing sitting behind my bedroom door for no one to enter, and end up suffering from a headache that chases me off to sleep the whole day. Is this the one?
Or is it the toxic and disrespectful words I shouted in anger and pain? Words that are meant for those hurting me to listen to. Words that make me regret saying them, for they make me look like a low mannered young lady. Is this the one?
I wanna know the best narrator for the stories of my pain.