What is the point of dreaming? Is it lying to yourself to numb the aching pain of hopelessness? Is my situation ever going to change?

I live in a family that believes education is a waste of time and I should be looking for ways to support my family and not “playing” with books.

I live in a township where dropouts and teenage pregnancy is normality, where drugs and underage substance usage have stopped being taboo.

I live in a country with greedy leaders that make false promises to win us over and without conscious, chow the money that is supposed to help communities like mine move forward and change for the better.

I live in a world full of hatred and discrimination all around. There is no accepting of each other, we look down on each other and want what the other has. Racism, xenophobia, nepotism, corruption, and my hopes and dreams are slowly deteriorating. It’s every man for themselves now, the coldness is not just in the air but in the chests of the inhabitants of my home planet.

So what is the point of dreaming, what if I do get a good job and everything I want but still live in a world like this, where men have gone from fighting each other to fighting nature as well. What is the point of dreaming, I could never bring world peace, I can’t even break up a fight amongst my siblings. When I pick up a piece of paper to find 37 more tomorrow. What is the point of envisioning a better tomorrow when your lenses are different from everyone else’s?