Trust is great as it develops teamwork with my teacher, expands love within my family, increases friendship and it motivates me to do well and be good. People want to be trusted. Trust is linked how to honest I can be with myself and others means:
  • To look at my intention- the reasons why I wish to do what I say or why I choose to tell a lie. 
  • To open up to others that I value- be able to look at myself in a mirror feeling good and happy.
  • Toast on my commitment- do not promise, do what I say! WALK THE TALK!
T stands for TRUTHFUL- develop and maintain honesty.
R stand for RESPONSIVE- share information, ideas and beliefs freely.
U stands for UNIFORM- be consistent and reliable.
S stands for SAFE- be loyal and develop the will to protect support and encourage each other.
T stands for TRUST- cement relationships. When you are true to yourself, you are accepting yourself and you have nothing to hide but just the right to BE.
Trust is lined with truth, truth is the beginning of a process to accept who I am and what to be.