What is love?

Is there anyone who still know the true meaning of love or is still those million definitions in the dictionary. I’m still looking for that unique definition for love maybe just maybe I will know the true meaning of love in this world. I was never taught how to love and I have being keeping wondering how will I start to love if I have never been in that world before. My feeling tells me that, that world of love is more generous and beautiful than any other world and I believe one day I can travel to that world. My world is just ordinary like is just a world, because there are human living in and ups and down. Have you ever wondered what is going on in that other world or is just my adventure or fantasies I’m having all alone? If only the world I’m living in right now could change, they wouldn’t be a need for me to go there, because all I would be looking for will be here. I’m 100% sure our world would be more beautiful and peaceful. By knowing the true meaning of love I would be close to my destination. What is there to live for if you don’t how to love and care for others.