Here I am plunged in my thoughts again. Asking myself these kind of questions which I don’t have an answer to. I’m thinking of a better way to convince you but you still scare me. The way you act still feels so strange to me. The thought of you makes me want to jump off the cliff. There’s absolutely nothing I’ve never tried to show you much I did love you.

I remember back in Primary when you were still my desk mate. We was doing grade 4 and those were the days. I liked it because we lived in the same area and so we were never distant from each. We did our homework together and what was the most exciting thing is we knew at 17:00, it was the time we leave everything just for watching dragon balls. You were more than just a brother to me.

I wonder when did the ship sink. I can’t believe that you forgot about our history and how on Earth I was down for you. All the things you do to me really haunt me. You trying so hard to build yourself a name but you forget about your future. I will tell you one thing, that I don’t owe you anything. The envy you bring towards me and your reckless actions will never drive me out of character.
I just hope you grow your mind and let 
whatever irritates you about me fade away. Give up on whatever you trying to do because you will end up looking stupid. Let go of me and work on yourself instead. You don’t have to suffer from me. I am also not perfect but I’m trying so hard to be a better me. My existence don’t have to trigger your heart. I hope these words really reach you someday.