We all have goals that we have set for ourselves and hope to achieve at a certain time. Often times when our lives don’t go as we had planned or our time to progress seem slow, we tend to blame ourselves for making incorrect decisions and start to doubt our worth. We forget that we only know what we know now, and the future is certainly not on the list.

If we knew what tomorrow held, we would all make perfect decisions and live perfect lives, but unfortunately that is not possible. We’re still going to make a few more mistakes while we’re busy trying to figure this life out. We need to acknowledge the fact that we did make a mistake, learn from it and take it as a part of growth. After all, we’re only human and imperfection is in our DNA and it will always be a part of us. So, instead of putting pressure on ourselves or pretending to have it all figured out, we should embrace our imperfections and always remember that our flaws make us who we truly are.

Our lives revolve around many things and we should not only focus on what the society believe are the only true achievements. We were taught to have high hopes, be a success in everything we do, have a good job, decent home and also be able to afford a ‘soft life’. We tend to think that these are true happiness or a symbol of real achievement. When that process seems too slow or impossible, we often view ourselves as failures. Making someone smile, being blessed with another day to right your wrongs, or just simply doing something that makes you happy are some of the greatest achievements too.

There are people who are going to make it before you, but never compare your life to theirs. Remember that everyone is unique and we are all going on our own unique journeys. When someone finally figures out their life before you do, don’t feel pressured or jealous, instead take it as a motivation. Remind yourself that as much as everybody’s journey is different, so are their distances and speed limits. We don’t have to rush the process. All we have to do is to strive to be a little better than we were yesterday.

No matter how long it takes, be assured that we are all going to reach our destinations. All we need is hard work and patience, never limiting our abilities and potentials and having faith that everything is going to work out for the better.