Women are the pillar of this world their strength, ingenuity and capacity has manifested that no one can fill up the vacuum that is being left by women in this world, therefore they must get honour and recognition that they deserve.

In South Africa women are regarded as a rock not because of physical power or masculinity but because of strong mind, logic and resilience. So women deserves a special place in this world because we would be absolutely nothing without our women.

In the past women were prohibited by man to participate in many opportunities, women were obliged to bow before man and do every man’s commandments even the works or jobs were gender classified for women and men, However women were not permitted to take part at any work that is supposed to be done by man. Women were treated like nothing and constantly get shouted and insulted by man but despite all kind of oppression on their shoulders they were still manage to strive through and perform perfectly in every task being assigned to them by man.

Women are very responsible people and they constantly practice care in everything they lay their hands on. Women gives a childbirth and able to raise the child alone without father’s presence or financial support from the father and the child grows and live a healthy life.

There are many women who are single mother but still manage to play significant role in the child’s life. They able to raise a child despite the trauma of being abandoned by the child’s father. Women are strong by nature, their competencies has been demonstrated and they able solve any problems or obstacles which emerges in their path.

Gender based violence (GBV) this is a violence act which primarily committed by man against women. Women are still suffers from this abuse and violence act which is executed by man. Women are being murdered, raped and assaulted in the hands of the very same man who supposes to protect them. War has declared against defenseless women. One may query whether is this the right way to thank women after the significant role the played in our lives and in our communities as a whole.

Women must be treated with respect and their rights which are clearly stipulated in the constitution of South Africa must be protected. Man must take a responsibility to protect women. They must take initiative to speak and educate one other to acknowledge this crisis of gender based violence (GBV) against women and stop it.