Let’s state facts okay, today’s generation is lost(some).You may be asking yourself how.

  1. They don’t know anything about who they are, where are they from, they just don’t know their roots at all.
  2. They dwell to things they aren’t ready fo,they go against the grain, they are much pressured by their peers lemme be specific ,
  • They drink a lot,
  • They have sex at an an early age most when they turn 12/13, this results to teenage pregnancies that are now a regular thing out there.
  • They do drugs, they even call themselves stoners
  • They even tend to kill each other and set each other alight.
  • They lack respect, the don’t know how to treat a person, young or old they even lay hands on their parents these days.
  • They date old men for money ,they even sell their bodies
  1. They are a sad generation I must say.
  2. They date but only for fun, they don’t know the meaning of dating someone they just date.
  3. They like violence and believe in violence.
  4. They have jealousy which leads to witchcraft.

There are many more man but all I can say is that this generation is cool but also not cool at all .Like where is this world going because we’re ain’t learning anything so far than this negativity that surrounds our environments. We need to take good steps and think for our children & grandchildren the next generation.