As I was seating listening to sorrows within my heart, the silence got deeper and deeper, Now I’m starting to hear the voices across the mountains, As I’m starting to pay attention the voices got closer to my side of the mountain, the more the wind starts blowing to the western side of the mountain it is the more I get the clue of what the voices are saying, Dear LORD!

Now You have sent your angels to come and heal my broken soul, now my mind is no longer focused on the deepest thought of losing my very own twin sister at a very younger age but my feet kept moving step by step to the eastern side of the mountain following the sound of the scrumptious voices I’m hearing singing ‘promises’ by jhene aiko, there I was standing behind the  two most beautiful little angels I have ever seen in my life, my heart told me to greet them and but my voice refused to come out of my mouth therefore just decided to be silent and carry-on being a living ghost behind them until they realize my presence, one of the angels looked back and said, “Hello there I never seen you before what’s your name?” I just waved at them and faked a smile but anyone could see how heartbroken I was, she came closer to me and said” I love your necklace where did you buy it?

She then touched my necklace with her right hand, as she was coming closer I could see my sisters face in her and told myself to be strong but my conscious couldn’t so I just ran off faster in tears and left the little girl in confusion because I was a stranger acting in a very strange way in front of them but I also told myself that they understand what I was going through, damn! How stupid is it that someone could think that a stranger understands another stranger acting in a very strange way in front of them but who can control the senses of a broken soul?

As I was running the tears kept on rolling In my eyes until I felt calm and pulled myself together this is where I realised that those little girls were the perfect candidate for me to take out everything from my chest until I feel better. I went back faster but when I got there, There was no sight of those little girls, in some thoughts I felt like I missed the place, with great sadness I sat down and cried again asking myself why bad things always happen to me then shouted to God “what have I done to you that you hate me this much that you take away everything that seems to be comforting my soul Hu! Answer me”(looking up in the sky) meanwhile I felt like it was a wake-up call or something because as I was trying to wake up I heard the voices again and this time it was clear where the voices were coming from mmm!

So God replies faster when you not begging him, I said that In silence then smiled for the first time, I now walk faster towards the voice’s direction it’s like something refilled my energy, maybe I seriously needed to cry, I stood a little far from the girls then I sang the song ‘Dance with my father’ by Luther Vandross this one took them by surprise I must say.

I sang until I finished without anyone disturbing me or asking what was going on but instead it felt like they’d been expecting this far too long which is confusing but let me focus on what I’m feeling right now the rest shall follow. After finishing the song my introduction was like “I am the broken soul, I have no friends the mountain is my friend, this is where I tell all my stories whether sad or bad, this is my rehab though sometimes it fails to heal me because not every time I want to tell but sometimes I want to listen and pay attention, sometimes I want to hear different stories from other people, sometimes I want to laugh not laughing alone pretending that the mountain could hear me while I know it doesn’t….”

I couldn’t finish that sentence,the little girl took the word from my mouth and said “the mountain does listen and its laughs in some cases therefore also tell its stories ‘I AM THE MOUNTAIN’ (beating her chest)and I am here to tell you my side of the story in a song and I hope you could find It in your heart to forgive me for leaving you in so much pain, but I felt like you were strong enough to face the world without me hopefully the song I sang for you will leave you in comfort” they both vanished in my sight no one could tell where they went to,

After this incident I realized why I was so comfortable expressing my feelings to those two beautiful little strangers then I drew an “I love you” sign on the side of the mountain where the incident happened, Since that day this is where I found peace and joy each and every time I had mixed feelings.