As God called it the seventh day and named it “SUNDAY”. After the day, he created oceans, separating the light and the darkness, and made flowers, animals and trees.

The day he made his day with his image, I am sure, was a sunny day. The first flesh and blood, Adam, resided in the garden of Eden long enough before he created Eve.

The Sabbath day is the day that brought the human race. Eventually, that day turned out to be the day we meditated on his word.

As he commands, “YE SHALL NOT DO ANYTHING BUT REST ON THE SABBATH DAY” as the Bible has said, that’s his word. The day we rejoice in him because he is God.

The day we process the good and the bad of the roughly weeks and ask for forgiveness as sinners. As we touch knees on the floor, bow our heads, and call up his name, “Father”, he shall answer, and we receive.

In this world, we are sheep in lost directions where he is the shepherd who leads us to our path to reach our destinies by his will. Another day another blessing, as we keep on praying for peace in this world we are living in.

“And whoever should call his name shall be saved”.

In Jesus’ name AMEN.