Fractions of denominations subtracting salvation through incorrectly practice of their negative religion, condemning to hell with hate spewing tongues and fear gripping spells, when our Prince of Peace, diplomatically stooped down by heavenly descention and met us at the well, providing reconciliation with our The Father of creation. Does the news of this not make your heart swell?

See, God told us that our hearts are deceiving but we continue to base truth on whether or not it agrees with our feelings, why do we not trust in the words of the one who’s very hands formed us?
Every day, stuck repeating history, remember Genesis 1, story of Adam and Eve? Now look at your reflection, can’t you see we’re just like them?
Believing the words of slithering snakes instead of heeding The Word of the living God that created us.

I see a body of Christ shackled in chains, enslaved to the grave, haughty screams by progressive Pharrisees, our ears now deaf to the voice of the Holy Spirit, lovingly whispering His testimony to the beauty of the crucifixion, it’s as if from the dead Christ hasn’t rissen.

Instead of beholding the glory of He who is holy, cue our history of rebellion, our generational curse of addiction, we shoot up sin, with wilful ignorance serving as it’s needle, anything to keep from acknowledging, an account of what belongs to Him, we will be required to give.

Tormented minds, plagued by guilt, because friends with benefits we soul tied ourselves to the father of lies, now pregnant with the seed of his deceit, how could we even begin to conceive the freedom and forgiveness Christ committed to giving us on the cross where satan stands defeated.
Are you hearing me? the weight of sin convicts from within, but the verdict that came in: eternity in hell is no longer our plight, our Savior came strolling in and said it’s no longer our fight.

Now Christ’s light that is the Truth, the Way, and Life, shines in the darkness of all humanity, calling upon all unto humility, and true repentance: turning our hearts affection back toward Him, for He is the only one deserving.

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