I was happy, running up and down on the soccer grounds as my team was winning. It was 2-0 on the scoreboard and 20 minutes to go. I could see a victory in the player’s faces playing with joy as my team was winning. I came across an old man sitting alone. “Why are you still watching the game, can’t you see the game is about the game to end and your team is losing?” I asked. With hope, the old man answered me, “The final whistle hasn’t been blown, your team is not winning but it is leading.” 

Guess what? The full-time score was 2-2.

The moral of the story is not to lose hope. Even if you could see failure in your eyes never lose hope. When you lose hope it means you giving up. Hope is what you need in pursuing your dreams. Prosperity begins with hope. Hope is what makes us people succeed. Hope gives us a purpose to fulfil our dreams. The old man taught me to have hope despite the obstacles you’re facing. With the hope of the old man, his team managed to come back. Never give up, nor lose hope when the last whistle hasn’t been blown. Remember as long as you can breathe, the last whistle hasn’t been blown.