It’s the holy hour again and I’m wide awake. Please tell my lover that I’m here, patiently waiting. So wanting our dreams and plans to be reality but I keep on saying that befriending patience is the only option.

Am I too tipsy on love that I can’t bear to be far from it? Or have you got me high on voodoo that makes me love you more?

It’s this feeling that’s undeniable, sometimes not understandable but it’s fine as long as I feel it for you.

Spring has become a cheer (such a joyful time), a season of birthing new life on earth – birthing undoubted love. The spiritual realm agrees and reveals new beginnings for the colour black, that’s you and I.

I read on bended knees and see you in my dreams. how can fantasies be so real? Or am I dreaming again, maybe too much this time ’round.

Not really big on gestures and words but in you, love I’ve found. Let’s dine and toast to the blossoms and dreams and everything in between.