The floods that KZN had recently experienced had badly affected the province. The results of the floods were heartbreaking. Many people have suffered the results of the floods. Some include house flooding, homelessness etc. In my area, some have been given shelter in a community hall where they are provided with food, water and as I mentioned shelter.

Many houses have also been badly affected. Apart from the houses of those who have been left homeless, some other houses have been severely damaged. Also, students learning had to be put on hold, due to learners not attending school for weeks after the floods. The floods had also kept working-class people from attending to their jobs due to road flooding, fallen bridges and bridge flooding etc. The damages were devastating.

On the other hand, a lot of people lost their lives. Many have had tragic deaths. Some I have heard about are of people being washed away and the saddest one yet, a house that tumbled upon an elderly woman who was asleep. Also, many people are still missing. Families are hoping that the search team finds their loved ones alive or even a body to confirm their whereabouts. We had also been left in darkness and suffering to collect water and paraffin or candles.

This all led to a protest in my area, but to make life a bit easier we have been sent water tankers, although it’s still very hard to carry buckets of water. But as the saying goes, “You never know the worth of something until it’s gone.”