It was never easy for Dr Annie growing up. She was the only child of her parents, Mr Frank Anderson, a Dermatologist and Mrs Diana Anderson, a Robotics Engineer. Both of her parents were always busy and didn’t have time for their daughter. Dr Annie’s life was always dark. She couldn’t get the chance to be a child just like any child who should be loved.

Annie was always afraid to share her thoughts with her mother because she was too busy for her, while her father was too strict to be comfortable with. To escape the real world, Annie decided to pursue a career in the same spectrum as her father. She graduated from the University of California and waved her way into the light with her first class degree in Medicine or she thought so.

She thought being a doctor would soften her parents’ hearts but it did not. She felt the aura of abundance and hate from her parents. To try to escape the real world… Again! She created a journal to write about her achievements and emotions in the journal.

It had been 5 years since she last saw her parents who never tried to reach out to their only child. Annie put away her journal for years and it gathered dust in her office cabin at work. Annie was afraid of the dark, anything that was dark reminded her of her dark past, maybe that is why she put away her black journal.

One day, Dr Annie received a strange call. The caller said, “We don’t hate you, my child, you are the only child we have. You are our joy and pride, the apple of our eyes. We loved you from a distance because we did not want you to be vulnerable to the world. Your mother and I did not have a good upbringing, we treated you the way we did so that you become a strong, intelligent and powerful independent woman of strong will. And we are elated that today, you are all we have always hoped and wished for.” Annie broke into tears. For years she thought her parents did not love her, she hated anything that was dark. She was not afraid to touch her journal because it was black, she was afraid of the dark moments expressed in the book.

Dr Annie and her parents finally reunited and they gave her all the love and warmth of a lovely home for her to relieve all the wishes she had as a child. They all lived happily ever after.