Love is a very beautiful thing that we all crave and long for at some point in our lives. Everyone needs love, should receive love, be able to be loved and give love. The kind of love that is pure, genuine and comes straight from the heart. The kind of love that is not selfish and that would never hurt or break a heart.

It is an amazing feeling to be loved by others, but it is more beautiful when we find that love within ourselves. When we can look at ourselves in the mirror and say “I love myself” that is when we will truly know the true and real meaning of love.

We are always looking for love and to be loved by others but we often forget to love ourselves in the process. The beauty of love should not only be about other people loving us but also about loving ourselves too. You can never really experience true love until you learn to love and value yourself first.

It is okay to put yourself first and be selfish a little bit sometimes. All the love you crave for is inside of you, always. This valentine’s day, this February, this year and for the rest of your life, love and celebrate yourself because it starts with you. Go out there and show yourself love by simply doing the things you love, it could be dressing up and going out, staying in and watching your favorite movie or reading a book, pampering yourself or chilling with a friend or family. Spoil yourself a little for a change because you deserve it.