That Wednesday morning,it was the worst day ever, I saw a man lying down in the middle of the street,blood flowing out of his body.

Ohh the trauma I had that day, I couldn’t even talk, like I was trembling, the picture of him lying down on the street kept playing inside my head. I heard a lady crying so hard for him.

Ohh Jesus Christ,how could you do such a painful thing to us like death!?Ohh I’m afraid of death, like why god,you should have punished us with something else but not death!!

We knew nothing in this Earth,we didn’t even asked you to brought us to this cruel world.

Ohh how I wish I was never born!! Like what the reason for living a life that will be taken away from you soon?!! Like what the reason for living when you’re gonna die.

Actually, I’m really confused 😭💔