Only when you’ve succeeded – then people would claim they know you , somehow they would tell tales that you attended same school , You’re best friend , you’re neighbors , you live in a same hood : you’re blah blah and shit , without the riches they do not know you , not even your name if a celebrity could ask them about you. They’ll definitely call you “A useless creature” or forever deny that they know your existence. Hy , I Am *Thabiso Trucha Moalahi* : if you finally read to this point _Thanks a million times_ Without wasting your time – let me proceed. Your existence counts only if you’re DEAD! Or else SUCCESSFUL otherwise you’re just a BREATHING ZOMBIE with some ragged underwear. Even in media platforms when you play cards of the riches , you get more likes whereas you play real cards (broke) you hardly get them “Likes” what you possess matters most to the world – even if it is FAKE these folks will follow you till the Minutest DETAIL…if I possess FAKE LOVE morons still gonna be my fellows and it get TWISTED if I possess REAL LOVE *_lemmi not say_* because that’s some wicked of shit! You get my point? Actually there’s no point maybe I should wear my “Sharppointer” so you could understand better (materialistic) things matter. What on this *DARK WORLD* does not have a price tag? A simple free Assistance has a price to be paid ! Damn my fingers feels so numb when my mind cling the word “HELP” Why? Because of the causes – I mean ; I once HELPED someone who Betrayed me and to his thoughts he was “helping” me …mxm that’s the end of this piece > My heart has a big rip in it and I need a mend (peace).