Born on the 13th of December to parents Scott Kingsley Swift and Andrea Gardner Taylor Swift is without a doubt an international star. She shines brighter than the all the individuals in the Music Industry. And if you’ve ever listened to any of her music, you won’t have a hard time admitting this fact.


She became better known as America’s Sweetheart with the release of her hit singles, ‘Tim McGraw ‘,’You belong with me ‘,Love story ‘ and a whole other lot. It was in 2014 that she really broke out of the country music genre. She released the album 1989 which contains songs such as ‘Wildest dreams ‘,Blank space’ and ‘Shake it off’


Now here are all the reasons why Taylor Swift should be your next favorite artist

*She writes all her songs. And I do mean ALL of them.

*Her songs are super easy to relate to. It’s like taking a page out of your diary. Take, ‘gorgeous’ for example. You know that time when you just fall in love with someone who is just so gorgeous it should be illegal? And they don’t even know it the things they do to your poor heart? This is the perfect song to relate to. Or when you’re in love with someone but the don’t notice you? ‘You belong with me ‘ is the perfect cure.

*She visits sick fans in hospital!!. Crazy right? I mean,who does that? You might be an Eminem fan or whatever, and you’re sick, do you think he’ll visit you?

*Her net worth is approximately 400 million dollars and she’s forever donating to charity.When I say this, you might think she’s just doing it for good publicity, that couldn’t be further from the truth. She does donations in secret too.

*She’s super gorgeous. She’ll be your forever crush, even if you’re a girl.Honestly,she’ll haunt your dreams, in a good way.

*About 2 years ago, her former label sold the rights to her previous six albums without her knowledge. And when she thought she could buy them back, her manager Scooter Braun bought them,Which meant that she couldn’t perform them live or anything like that. And you know what she did? She decided to re-record them. This is why you’ll find songs labelled ‘(Taylor’s version) ‘ or ‘From the vault) ‘.

And here are my favorite songs

*Gorgeous. A mentioned this song earlier, and its beyond amazing .My favorite line is ‘How’d you feel making me feel this way? But what can I say? Your gorgeous! ‘

*Call it what you want.I have no words for this one

*All too well(Taylor’s version) (10 min version) .The original was only 5 minutes.

*Babe(Taylor’s version) If I may say so myself, this one is better than the original.Why,you may ask, because she sang it herself.

*Renegade. This song’s meaning is actually depression,but it will cheer you up I promise.

*Then we have ‘I knew you were trouble ‘.This one is about being in a relationship that you knew, as the title says,was trouble.

*Or the song Cardigan, which is like the above song. In Cardigan you knew you’d ‘Curse you for the longest time.’

Her latest song, ‘Message in a bottle’is like no other.


When you read this article, really, you can’t say you don’t relate to any of these songs, because that would be a lie.