Life is a reality to be experienced, explored and smelling the roses Of living in the present moment. Without an adventure to live and fun to experience, life would be a mistake. Enjoyment Of life comes from varied life experiences not possessions, for example It can be trekking, fishing, swimming, travelling and spending some time with animals, Etc. Just something that keeps your spirit sharp and alive.

The modern world is full of chains except nature or at least nature has no opinion of us.You can take a bath in the sea or a walk in the woods to cleanse yourself from all the frivolous bullshit of Modern World. Just do one thing at your disposal, a Poetic Justice of experiencing yourself to the highest expression Of living.

When you arise in the morning, think of what kind of privilege It is to be alive. To feel, think, taste and love. Nothing is worth than the privilege of being grateful for what you have. Sometimes you must relax and enjoy the sunset. Whoever fails to sing, dance, swim, taste and smell today, this day will never be offered unto him once again in all of eternity. Don’t hide yourself underneath the shade of perfection. Sometimes life sucks and that’s OK. Just be like the flow of water and enjoy the art of living.

This life thing it’s yours and yours alone, no one knows you more than you know yourself. The only way you can be your true self and retreat your sanctuary is when you’re alone, which is why an estimated 60% of people in the world are introverts. You cannot be your authentic self in the world but only when you’re alone most of the time. Why? because the world wants you to be the same, think the same, wear the same and be the same. That’s bullshit! 

Don’t let other people make decisions for you, you’ve grown Up now who cares what people Think. If you’re an Introvert, Bookwormer, Love Jazz & Classic Music and don’t have Social Media, stick to your guns. Don’t let other people pressurize you into being something you’re not. Don’t be Afraid Of being a free soul alive on this earth with nothing but a rich heart & genuine smile.


Basically you have to take fewer things seriously. your purpose. values. interests and goals. So what do you do?

You take control of your life because it’s the only thing you have in this world. Be unique, in your heart you know that you’ll be in this world once but you’re too terrified of being yourself. You only get one mind, one body and one palpitating soul in this world, and you can’t start taking care of them when you’re 65. You’ve to start now. You’re body and mind are strong for a reason. Don’t kill your spirit by depending on free things while you’re still young. Have pride in yourself. Teach yourself the value of working for something in life. Life is not a Baby Day Care waiting for milk from someone else.

Build yourself into one full human being, Don’t focus on what so & so are doing. The time, attention & energy you spend on focusing on someone else, you could have done something for yourself that brings you closer to your goals. We all have these different mantras & conversations within ourselves. It’s that higher self that speaks with palpitating voice of where you need go in life. Just turn in and listen.

Don’t silence your inner voice because it is pointing you in the right direction. It knows you best, more than you know yourself. That little kitty kitty child who was dreaming of making the world a better place still lives in your heart.

Life has more of what you deserve in the store, you just need to have gut of going after what’s worthy of your life. The Universe wants you to win and big, your problem is that you’re busy living your life by reference to others. You’re afaid of coming of as different, unique and standing out . You’re afraid of being called crazy, abnormal and being laughed at. You’re fear of looking like stupid is holding you back. I’m going to say it again .You’re fear of looking like stupid is holding you back. You’re fear of acting like you don’t’ want to win in life is delaying your progress.

Remember you may delay tour progress but time will not. It’s like your sacrifing your greatness. your higher self. your purpose of life. your sense of pride. your calling. your confidence. Don’t be afraid of going after what you believe is going to give your life meaning and a why for your living. Remember the art of living boils down to who you’re going to serve. So I ask you today, who are you going to serve?

 People who think crazy of changing the world, are the ones who actually change the world. Yes. Don’t strive to please others but strive to be yourself and make an impact in the world, to your family but most importantly to yourself. People are people after all, they’ll continue to talk of things of secular matters which are forgotten immediately after being spoken. What can you say about those people? Just mind your own business. There’s no hater in the surface of the world who’s doing better than you. 

Never be ashamed of wanting to become great, Remember the world is in desperate need of man & women who are good. You are the master of your own fate, the captain of your soul. The character of your own movie. The driver of your own destiny. Take control of life and live your life to the fullest. Your present & future self is calling You.