Dealing with a heartbreak

It was 2021 when I first met him, we were friends on Facebook, and the feeling started to develop. I had fallen for him like a baby crying for a dummy. Our love journey was beautiful. We could talk till the sun came up from the other side; I felt like he was the one after so many failed relationships. Some ended on good terms; some were very toxic and abusive. We promised that whenever one of us had trouble, we should talk about whatever was troubling us.

Things started to change when he moved back home to his mother’s house when she was sick. She had asked me to come and help her as she could no longer do some of the things because of her illness.

After all, she succumbed to cancer, and I had to stay a little bit, then the abuse came. It hit like a tone of bricks. He would swear at me, calling me all sorts of names. On December 27 things were bad. He was drunk, calling me those bad names, there and then I left him. He is claiming that I used him as he bought things for me and my child.

I don’t know how to handle this as he is busy reminding me how he has been good too, he forgets that I loved him when he had nothing.

So how do you deal with a heartbreak?