In the midst of it all, here they are pretending to care!
As the eyes see we are grass and elaphants are at war, tramping their foot on our speechless beings.
The Poor becomes poorer as the rich get richer. Who are we? What are we? What does the future hold for us?
Youth remain to be victims of greed whom their sole purpose goes unnoticed in the dusty streets. A waste of potential, talent and intellect.
Soweto lies low, as the brutality of the once oppressed is witnessed by the youth of their own kind.
Education bares no meaning so does knowledge bare no power. Theives are ruling, as we gradually see lies seek to overpower the truth.
Where are our people as orgies of violence are patent to by the youth?
The days we live in are survival of the fitest and so the meek shall perish and life shall be enjoyed by those who lie low in the land of Hidden Wars.
Mohau Maoeng