Where do I even start? I do not even know anymore if this is even “love”. How do you climb mountains for someone that wouldn’t even lift a finger for you when it’s their turn to do the same for you as well?

There was once a girl called Confidence. Confidence always believed in love no matter how many people close to her had been hurt and how they always discouraged her about boys. She met this handsome dude at school who was in student leadership and every girl was crushing on him.

At first, Confidence heard the girls talking about the guy in the kitchen but she never paid attention because she was not even interested in the guy at first, till this one time this guy texted her on Facebook. That’s when they started talking till they get to a point where they started flirting and a day didn’t pass without talking.

The guy’s name was Sibusiso, a day couldn’t pass without Confidence stalking the guy on social media platforms to check on who he posts, tags or writes about on social media. Apparently, Sibusiso was more of a Comedian guy on Facebook, he loved joking a lot and he was friends with everyone especially people from Vaal although he wasn’t even staying in Vaal but there for study purposes.

Confidence and Sibusiso started enjoying each other’s company so one thing led to another then they started dating. Sibusiso was a very busy guy since well he was in student leadership, so anytime a student needed help with anything Sibusiso had to be there. It was draining for Confidence because she was quite insecure, I mean a whole campus gets in touch with her boyfriend, and all the students including beautiful girls with sexy bodies are in contact with her boyfriend. Insecurities got the best of her although her boyfriend somehow assured her here and there.

Honestly, it was not easy, sometimes Sibusiso would keep quiet, not text her or call when Confidence calls to ask what was up his response was he has been busy and he forgot to check up on her, so it was really a rough journey. Confidence was forced to understand the kind of job her boyfriend has his full focus on.

Time went and Valentine came! Confidence already saved up her money to get her boyfriend a very expensive silver watch, only to find out her boyfriend got her none. That did hit her so bad but she tried to remember that months back before February her boyfriend has been sending her money so she’s ought to understand he might have gone broke so she told herself she can’t be selfish, besides it was her first time doing something nice for her boyfriend that has been sending her money.

Time went by, Confidence’s birthday came, Sibusiso still bought nothing nor gave her any money. Confidence had to lie to her friends that her boyfriend is busy so he sent her R500 to go eat out. Well, all that was a lie, she was covering for her boyfriend, I believe we all do that. Women don’t put their men’s dirty laundries out there for the world to see. Do you know what’s the worst thing Sibusiso did? Well weeks before Confidence’s birthday he had been posting girls on their birthdays at exactly 00:00 on the dot wishing them a happy birthday on his statuses, yet failed to do the same for Confidence! He actually posted her at 07:00 am with a very lousy caption one would think she’s not even his girl! That really hit her but she let it slide because when she asked she was told she was trying to start unnecessary drama.

Sibusiso is that type of a guy who would never be emotionally supportive to his girlfriend yet he gets praised outside yet fails to be there for his girlfriend for once. This one-time Confidence lost her aunt, a woman that raised her so you can imagine how painful this was for her. She posted on her socials and even placed her on her profile. Not even once did Sibusiso send a message sending hope or comforting her. He just kept quiet and lived his life as if nothing happened. 

Confidence really got annoyed and she texted him. The response she received was that she always complains, clearly, she’s not happy in this relationship, they should rather go their separate ways. 

This was really sad and very insensitive, Confidence replied and said, “My love, I’m really sorry just that I lost my aunt and I have not been in my best mood”. 

That was when his response was “I’m really sorry about your aunt, and I withdraw my statement “. 

Honestly, Sibusiso is a very inconsiderate man. Why was it that hard to send his girl a text like, “Hey my love, I see you just lost your aunt may you be okay” or at least ask when is the funeral so he is there for support!

Right after that incident Sibusiso once sent Confidence a screenshot of a paid trip to Cape Town in September. He told her he wants them to go together to celebrate his birthday there. Confidence asked him timelessly if he was sure about that and will he cover all the costs and all. He said, “Yes”. 

Guess what! In June Confidence received a text message saying, “Next month (July) I’m going to Cape Town with my friend from 22nd-25th”. Did Confidence not have a breakdown! I mean this trip was for September with her included now it’s just her boyfriend and a friend? Honestly, Sibusiso just cannot stop dropping bombs on Confidence’s face and it’s sad because she’s really patient with him.

Now how do you stay in such a relationship with such a person? Someone who’s okay with spending days not talking to you and then telling you he forgot to text you? Not even once did Confidence receive a text being told she’s appreciated or loved. 

A man will treat you right when he is in love with you.