IF you look in the mirror and say the below words to yourself you gonna enjoy life

Well should I call these words rules or what?? Anyways I’m just gonna say RULES ohky

Rule number 1: Fill yourself first before filling others

Rule number 2: Don’t hate anyone

Rule number 3: Have confident no matter what happens

Rule number 4: Do you

Rule number 5: Don’t compare yourself with others, because you have your own unique fingerprints

Rule number 6: Always be positive no matter what situation you are in

Rule number 7: Do not try to impress others because of wanting to be loved

Rule number 8: Always be clean for Incase your crush appears

Rule number 9: Remember the world does not revolve around you,but know that the sky is the limit

Yah those are the rules ohh ohhh!! Lastly

Know that you are beautiful and handsome