When the dusk of dawn falls upon the head of the mountains and the moment air leaves my lungs. I take my last breath you take a new breath. I lose myself while you find yourself.

My time on this earth was limited and I knew this, I chose to shield you and me whether that was the right decision, whether it was the wrong decision, all I know is that I shielded you from me.

Slowly pulling away so you didn’t notice you laugh I love you cry I cry but you no longer laugh and cry with me instead you do such with another another, that is the opposite of me.

I say nothing to save you from a toxin namely me, I push you away not because I don’t love you but because I do, I do such, I miss our long talks about irrelevant stuff but just because it is you I do such.

Now I am gone and I shall watch would love above you but you shall never know. Never know what is it is like to be hurt, destroyed by a toxic person one day hopefully you will know how much you mean to me.

But should you never know, my heart will bless you from above, my heart will love and hold you, comfort you and shield you till the day we meet again.

You can have been my antidote, but I did not allow such as it would be unfair to you, I love you.