In the school system, they don’t want us to learn about money because they wanna pump out good employees that do what they’re told. If you look at school it’s the opposite of what it takes to be successful in real life, in school don’t make a mistake, do as you are told, take tasks by yourself, don’t cooperate, do it by yourself, do it on your own and when you’re writing a test there’s only one right answer! No! there are tons of answers to a problem. So you come out of school scared to death of making a mistake. You do everything on your own, you don’t cooperate, there’s no synergy, there’s no brain-storming, and there’s only one right answer. Everyone wants to get the right answer, but there is no one right answer. 

I think people come out of school paralyzed. I think the school system is criminal in that it kills a child’s spirit of learning. 

Children go to school all excited about I’m gonna learn and it gonna be great and the teacher says “sit down and shut up, don’t talk we don’t care what’s you interested in.”

We all have dreams but do you wanna kill a big dream? Tell it to a small-minded person! God has shown you so many amazing stuff in your life that you thought were brilliant then you took it to your friends and family and you share it with them and they shut it down. Do you know why? That’s exactly what you’re thinking.

You can do this and go after that dream! Don’t ignore that version. The most important thing you must do is to stop comparing yourself to other people. You are only on this planet to be you, not someone else’s imitation of you. Your life journey is about learning to become more of who you are and fulfilling the highest, truest expression of yourself as a human being.