Annabelle sits in her bedroom finishing up her homework. After a long day at school she is thinking about having a long relaxing warm bath just when her text tone goes off. She lifts her phone up to see who the message was from but she doesn’t recognise the number. Unlocking her phone she reads the message anyway and strangely it reads ‘A nice warm bath awaits you. Relax after a long day at school’ she shrugs at the message thinking its probably a wrong number but strange she was thinking about taking a bath anyway.

Annabelle opens the door to the bathroom to walk into a room filled with steam and the sound of running water. She walks over to the bath just in time as the water was about to over flow and quickly turns of the tap.

“MOM! Did you run the bath?” she shouts waiting for a response but dosent hear anything.

“Well I’m getting in the bath then mom!” she shouts again but dosent get response back.

Shrugging Annabelle undresses and drops her clothes to the floor and then hops into the boiling hot bath water. She lowers her self slowly adjusting to the heat of the water and dips her whole body, including her head underneath.

As she emerges from the water her skin becomes tingly with a stinging, itchy sensation. She reaches down her arm to scratch it and then does the same to her leg and thats when she looks down to see her skin peeling off.

All of her skin on her body starts to peel off. Her blood pours into the water, quickly turning the clear water in a bright red blood bath.

Screaming in agony, Annabelle jumps out of the bath.

Her legs to fragile to hold her body up she looses her balance and falls to the ground hitting her head on the side of the sink as she goes down. Her blood gushes out of her body like a waterfall all over the bathroom floor. Through the steam, she sees the sink is just above her so reaches up and uses all of her body strength to pull her self up. She turns the knobs on the sink as quickly as she can and cups the cool water in her hands throwing it over her inflamed and peeling skin.

Her cries are torturous as she screams in pain through her peeling lips. Raising her bloody hand she wipes the mirror trying to see what has happened to her and that when she sees in the reflection through the steam, her mom laying on the floor in a pool of her own blood.

She cries uncontrollably as blood continues to gush from her shredding skin and she turns to be met by a masked person holding a bloody knife in one gloved hand and the other a container of sulphuric acid.

“Mommy wasn’t feeling to well, so I ran you a bath” he laughs deeply grabbing a hold of her hair and pulling her towards the now blood bath. He pushes her weak body back into the bath. Her skin burns and she screams in tremendous agony, struggling to breathe as he forces her body further under the acidic blood water.

The harder he pushes the less she struggles and begins to give up.

Her weak, painful body not being able to fight back.

Annabelle lays back and squeezes her eyes shut and thats when the world goes black.

No more screams.

No more pain.

No nothing!