It is essential to re-establish friendly relations or reconciliations. No matter how ignorant we may be when it comes to making reconciliations, it’s a matter of fact that we do long for reconciliations with our estranged families and friends, but what beats us are the sorrowful memories that make us feel immature to do so and we end up procrastinating the process. It’s normal to feel so; hence, procrastinating the process might lead to the severity of the gap that has been spanned or maintained. Yes, occasionally, we do things that demonstrate the deeds of lacking compassion for misery and suffering, but at the end of the day, there’s a necessity for reunion because we desire each other. Holding to the past may have a negative impact on your life because your heart, soul and mind are not at ease, and it’s not decent for your mental health to keep on bottling your emotions. You’ll end up in situations where you’ll find yourself undergoing depression, let alone anxiety disorders. That is why it’s mostly important and necessary for us to train ourselves not to be easily offended and also neglect the victim mindset since it’s the most mutual factor that literally leads to being separated from the people you love, and we do need to refrain ourselves from trying to justify the incidents that lead to conflicts and disagreements because at the end of the day, it will always remain unwarranted and there’ll be more consequences to suffer because all the effort that has been made will go down the drain then the contingency of making peace will ultimately totally disappear without a trace. So instead of putting one another at fault, we should pamper one another and hold each other’s hand to explore the beautiful journey of peace and Interminable life lessons without forgetting to serve one another a tremendous amount of support and unconditional love because love alone covers all.

Author: Thomas Xaba