I am only 17 years of age and it might seem as if umjolo or rather dating as you would call it, comes first in my first. Surprisingly…no it doesn’t.


I recently had an altercation with my parents regarding indaba zomjolo. I had given an older friend of mine my contact number, he’d text but I wouldn’t reply. Do not ask me why, I just didn’t want to. Days after this exchange of contact numbers, my mother snooped around my phone and found our chats or should I say his texts directed to me…. I had been sleeping at the time, when I woke up I recieved a call from my dad thinking nothing of it. He asked I exclude myself from the pack and go somewhere were we could talk.


I did so and gosh! His tone was mad, disgusted at me. He asked me about my relations with this older guy and whether I was a virgin. Where does that come from? Anyway I answered truthfully to all questions except the virgin part, I wasn’t ready to tell my father who is halfway through the world that I gave my cookie away. He gave me a whole lecture on why I should delete the guy’s number and that the guy only wants me for sex whatnot and whatnot… I was fuming with anger and when that happens I couldn’t control my tears. I ended up dropping the call and cried for hours before I went back to the house.


What I don’t understand is what’s wrong with parents? Why do they make everything about dating? Just because I am a teenager that sometimes her emotions can make her travel halfway through the world to get a new pair of heels or a teen that just cries because she feels like it. It doesn’t mean my life revolves around boys, I do like them of course but, no, I wasn’t doing anything with the older guy I promise you.


Could the government create parenting schools because it’s clear my parents are failing at raising me? They do not bother to ask about the anxiety and how I’m coping with having to be an adult because I won’t lie to you, this adulting game is hard but at least I’m honest about it and I don’t have kids that I blindly lead through life. If one is not ready to be concerned about someone else’s well-being, I suggest they scrap the kid-having-option out of their bucket list or something.


All I’m saying is could parents learn a little more about their children and not suspect umjolo when they notice something is going on.