Life is so unfair atleast that is what I think about everytime when things seems to be getting worse but this time it feels so right and real.All my dreams just become worthless and it makes me feel like I’ve wasted 18 years of my life going to school but for what.My heart is so broken its like someone just took it out and cut it into small pieces…At first it was all exciting and breath taking but reality decided to hit me it all become more confusing and heart breaking….
I’m about live the life I never thought one day I would live I jst found out that I was choosen to become a prophet/sangoma I feel so numb right now how am I going to achieve this what about my dreams do they still matter…Nobody understand how I feel people are intitled to their own opinions no one is asking about my wellbeing I am about to take a huge step of my life and lose some friends and family members.
I don’t really have much of a choice or do I??Some days are rough and some days are better but most of the time I can feel that I’m losing myself that I’m about to go mad.Most of the time I avoid sitting by myself because I don’t have no control of my mindset and my emotions…I try to pray but I don’t have the strength to I feel alone and helpless
I have no one else but myself..