“Gender-based violence transcends borders keeping people from reaching their full potential.”
GBV happens every day but not enough action is being taken. 1 out of 4 men is violated in the entire life and one of six women is violated in the entire life.to bring it down to you there’s two people of 10 people in a room.

And as a result 6 out of 1,000 violated end up in prison and the other will walk free. Tell me is that fair?is that how the justice system should work or should all the rapist violators and criminals end up behind bars and we as the victims get our Justice.we may not realise it but the more we assult each other, but the more violent each others privacies, body’s is simply because of our genders it could lead to a future with no peace. We want to live in a world where gender-based violence is a non-existent thing. But we all know that’s unrealistic.

As young girls at school we wear taught tips and tricks on how to not show that you wanted on how not to show that we are flaunting it.
As you grow older the men who replaced our identity from human to object finally caught up to us as they said cringeworthy things to us and the came in to us and left us bare. gender-based violence creates a loophole for a persistent feeling of hopelessness and sadness which is mainly called depression. It drains us. It is a monster that lives within us and the more you really our privacy and body that is were the feeling of worthlessness kicks in. We feel iferior and undeserving.

Depression like Gravity it holds us to its darkness .

The future is something that we cannot predict but something we can build we can build it together we can build it by standing up to gender-based violence we can build it but stopping gender-based violence you look at a person and you see an honorable a person you should see somebody with human dignity somebody with respect you need to treat them with that respect and dignity.