Growing up without parents it’s like you’re in a foreign country. The pressure is more, challenges keep on being hard day by day, and enemies increase each hour. Why do we lose our parents at a young age? Are we born to suffer while others walk in diamonds? Only if heaven has visiting hours I would visit my parents each and every hour, I would ask why did they live me behind? There are a lot of things I need from them. some pressure wants their encouragement, Not experiencing that motherly love is depressing and not experiencing fatherly protection is pressuring because you will definitely feel useless, lonely, unloved, and not belonging to that certain country. I used to judge strippers, prostitutes, and porn stars not knowing their stories. I was raped not twice but many times, If my parents were alive I know they would have protected me, I would be far in life. Living in this “cruel world all by yourself is difficult” I am not sure if I can make it. This life is so unfair!!