It was a sunny day Ntombi was washing her school uniform, her mother was at work. Ntombi’s mother came back home from work, she gave Ntombi money to buy bread Ntombi went to the spaza to buy bread. Ntombi came back home, her mother made tea for them to eat. The next morning Ntombi went to school and her mother went to work, Ntombi’s mother on her to work she met another man, the name of the man was Desmond.
Desmond really loved Ntombi’s mother when Ntombi was with her work Desmond took her out to date, Desmond took Ntombi’s mother to her house they found Ntombi watching tv. Ntombi introduced Desmond to Ntombi, “Hi Ntombi” said Desmond, Ntombi took time to reply Desmond asked, “Ntombi are you alright?” Ntombi said, “Oh yes I’m alright.”
It was Tuesday night Ntombi’s mother was on her night shift. Ntombi heard a knock on the door she asked “who is it?” Desmond said “it is your father” Ntombi shouted, “NO MY FATHER IS AT JOBURG!” Desmond giggled and said, “just joking it’s Desmond you’re Mother’s new boyfriend open the door.” Ntombi opened the door Desmond went to the bathroom then he went back to the dining room Ntombi asked him ” what do you want so late and mama is at work” Desmond giggled again and said, “I just want to sit on daddy’s lap.” Ntombi started to feel uncomfortable, Desmond grabbed Ntombi with her hand and he threw her on the couch he started to undress Ntombi she screamed then Desmond closed her mouth with a ball of socks.
He tied Ntombi’s hands, He raped then left her in the house. In the morning Ntombi’s mother came back home from work she found Ntombi full of blood she was crying they went to the clinic to check if she was ok they found that she was HIV positive Ntombi and her mother committed suicide.