In our everyday lives we hear music. Our moods are controlled by the vibrations that the music generate.

When an artist creates a song, he or she puts a certain energy in that song. It can be a positive energy or a negative energy and believe me, with the right chosen sounds on a track, you can create magic. Like literally magic, you can make someone cry, angry, happy and even heal someone.

The music you listen to can affect your life, your perception, so you better be careful of what type of music you are listening to. I can even know a person’s character by just listening to their playlist.

Music plays a big role in the law of attraction. If you always listening to tracks that are talking about drinking vibes or groove session, you will loose a lot of money on parties without even noticing. You will think you have a problem and no you don’t have a problem, it’s just that you forgot to include music on the law of attraction.

Types of music you should consider listening to:

Try soul

Try gospel

Try listening to classical beats

Try bands

Or try listening to music that you think brings positive mindset.

I’m an artist. I know a lot about music and the dopest projects that I’ve made came from my real feelings, so if you listen to my songs I bet you will feel what I was feeling.