Only if I knew life would be so difficult, I wouldn’t have rushed to have kids at an early age. It takes two to tango but I am left with all the baggage. How fair is it?

Father of my kids where are you? When I am left with the hardship. Your kids long for your love, I have to be mother and the father at the same time.

I am not working, I hustle to put food on the table. Each and everyday life is not easy. Poverty has struck, your son is a teenager and your daughter doesn’t know you at all.

Food, clothes, toiletries, hair, school fees, extra mural activities, competitions, projects and so on I am there day and night. When will this trauma end.

God bless my family and I need you to give me strength and courage to have patience. My moments of happiness will come.

To my kids I love you with all my heart and soul. I will do everything in my power to fulfill all your needs, but I need a job to have financial freedom. Social grant is not enough, I so wish with all the qualifications that I have I can get a job soon. I never give up and I believe in education. I want to see both of you obtaining doctorate or Master’s because I have a degree you have to be better than me only then I will applaude for being a mother and father dually.

This is for all the single parents like me, never give up we all have a potential to fulfill.