I saw a picture saying this:

– “When Tyrese had a mental breakdown online in regards to not seeing his daughter in two years. People laughed at him and he became a meme.

– When Kanye West had a mental breakdown on TV people called him crazy and he too became a meme.

– The world watched Will Smith listen to his wife tell him live that she had an affair. People laughed at Will. He too became a meme.

– Yet, folks wonder why men don’t open up about their mental health.”

I then realized that we are living in a society where a man’s mental breakdown turns out to be a joke and considered to be a weakness. How boys are raised differs from how we girls are raised. For girls, it’s okay to cry when you’ve been bullied or hurt but for boys, they are encouraged not to cry but rather to man up and not be fools. When a woman takes her own life because of depression people will sympathise with her. When a man decides to take his own life because of the same thing only a few people will sympathise with him and the rest criticize him. I have to admit that when it comes to mental health, it is not fair to men. Our society should let go of this ‘indoda ha ikhale’ mindset and allow men to be humans. To allow them to express their emotions and get the support they need.