You are a crime I couldn’t get away from. I have buried all the evidence, washed away the blood on my skin, swore to myself all the alibis and white lies—but everything still leads me back to you. 

You are a crime I did not commit but I was sentenced to grieve forever. Maybe this is the price I have to pay for loving you. Your ghost still follows me in my dreams and your skeleton still hangs in my closet. The ashes of memories I have scattered in the ocean still find their way back to the shore. And the sound of your voice still echoes in my silence, and all the places we’ve been to still look the same in my eyes. 

My heart is a ruined heritage and in my head we are still dancing in the living room. I’m mourning for the death of our love before it loses its breath. If running away from you is like running from the sky, darling, I’ll be running forever. You were my sun and you took all the lights and colors and warmth with you when you left me here in the dark. 

When you’re gone, I want you gone forever. I miss you but I don’t want you back. But sometimes, in the silence, in the dark, in the middle of the night, I still thought about you, about us, about freedom and regrets, and everything that could have been in between. 

If the chains were broken and the cage was opened, why I am still hoping for the key?