Makhadzi! Who doesn’t know her ? The African queen coming straight from dusty roads of limpopo,a true definition of black excellence. Numbers don’t lie she is the biggest & hottest artist in the country right now But did it really start there ? Did she get people dancing from the first time she stepped in the studio? Well the answer to that is a big NO! Makhadzi started from the bottom with nothing ok her name, Just her voice.

I remember my Aunt used to love her very much that she bought Every CD of hers, she would play them and I had no choice but to listen too . I saw her music video of the song titled “Samuel litshani u ntsala murahu ” and I was like “what does this girl think she is doing? I had adapted that mentality of “you will never make it if you sing with venda language because not everyone understands it ” .I would compare her music videos with those of American artists, I would compare her to those rich & big artists not knowing that they all started where she was .Anyway enough about that .

People used to boo Makhadzi when she performed, People used to laugh at her when she sang but that didn’t stop her from working to achieve her goals .Soon she became a sensation and everybody loved her ,But it didn’t happen overnight, It took years for her to make it. Now she is an award winning artist, She got fans in everywhere. YOU can’t listen to her songs and not dance! That’s not possible! You just can’t have any reason for hating on her now. she is also a social media sensation with over 4 million followers on Facebook! She is friends with the me & you see only on TV ! She is our African Queen indeed

Her story just proves that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to!