As I’m staring at you, under the low lights the pub provides, I can’t help but notice your sparkling eyes glaring at me.

I lift the bottle of beer up to my lips, and take an easy sip. You catch my eye, I can see you don’t want that man who’s busy nibbling on your neck, you’re not enjoying that, are you? You want me, and I want you.

Your eyes send a clear message to me, the way you’re still, and quiet, yet also screaming for my attention and my being inside of you. I stand up, slowly, nodding my way to the bathroom. You seem to get the message, cause as I look back, I catch a glimpse of you pushing the man back. Poor guy, you led him on, leaving him with an upright member.

“You like kissing girls?” I ask, as soon as you stand, facing me.

You smile, and ask me if I want to see your scar that you got from smooching with someone else’s girlfriend.

“I’m nobody’s girlfriend.” I assure you.

You don’t seem to register what I say, and slowly, you slip off the sleeveless shirt you’re wearing down, and reveal your right breast, there is a small scar, not too deep, there.

“You want to touch it?”you ask, you don’t wait for my reply, instead, you lead my hand to your warm breast, slowly I stand moving my hand around your firm breast.

“Where are you going with this?” I ask, still focused on caressing your breast, which is now up right.

“I’m trying to seduce you, can’t you see?”you ask

“Why? Why would you want to seduce me?”

“Because, I have a thing for pretty girls.”you say, in a hoarse voice.

I smile and my groping at your breast becomes much more intense, you breathe heavily, then try to regain your composure, putting your hand ontop of mine.

“I’ve wanted you, ever since you walked in the pub.”you confess

“Lust is a very powerful thing. The feeling’s mutual, I’ve wanted you too.” I reply, eagerly.

“Please, dear stranger, I beg of you, just kiss me.”you beg, our lips slightly touching as you do.

Without another doubt, we kiss, I gently pull your body towards me, intoxicated by both the alcohol and the kiss, I feel butterflies fluttering in my stomach. You pull back, slightly…

“Dear stranger, tell me, can’t we go somewhere more private?”you ask, leading me out the pub.

The cool air slaps our faces, and we walk hand in hand, out into the night, the house from the pub dying down, we finally get to your flat. It looks a little bit cramped, but clean.

We close the door behind us, and soon it’s just me and you. United by lust, nothing can separate us.