Love is a weird feeling. In some ways, you can’t control it. Your heart loves whoever it wants. Even though you may try to resist it, you cannot deny it. You may love someone you never thought you could love, but you hold that person dear to your heart. When days pass without you seeing the person, you start stressing and even take a glimpse at their house to see if maybe they are home. That’s love. And when you see them, it feels like the same as the first time you ate a sweet, the joy and your heart skipping beats. It’s such an amazing feeling. 

When love comes, feel free to go with the flow. Yet sometimes people we love don’t love us back, but that’s not the end; although it may hurt there’s always someone out there who’ll love you more than you could ever think. There are some cases where you’re like, no, let me love this person from a distance because there’s no way you two could be together. Love is good when you love someone, and they love you back. You understand each other and are willing to fight for your love against all odds. Not only in romantic relationships but as well as friendships and family relationships. It’s best when love comes from all parties involved, not one-sided, that’s when the relationship becomes strong.