My dear adorable sis.

You are interesting. You are a masterpiece from hair to toe. There’s no need to feel less fabulous. Your presence is like a sweet aroma. 

You are outstanding.

You are pleasant. Stop being too hard on your lovely self. You’re absolutely amazing sis. Stop comparing yourself to others. Girl your uniqueness is evident! 

You are radiant.

You are excellent. Honey, other girls are no threat, you know why? Because you are like cloth, you have your own rare design that is not similar to other girls. No need to feel intimidated. You are a blessing from God. 

You are drop-dead gorgeous.

Don’t take personally the nasty comments that were said by your ex. I know they might have an awful impact on you, but you know what? You are exceptional so he was clueless about how to embrace a phenomenal girl like you. You are marvellous from the inside out. So just forgive and forget him! 

You are irresistible.

Love, there’s no need for me to meet you in order to see that you are exquisite, I just know you are. I hope my words will find a place in your precious heart. I pray you accept my heartfelt letter dearest sis.


Nombu. Your simple and lovely sis