My name is Amogelang Ribombo, but my loved ones call me “Fentse”, which means ‘I achieved’. I am a very good singer, but I was very shy to show my talent to people, I only sang around my friends and family.

One day at my school they hosted a talent show. My friends convinced me to enter the competition since there was a prize for the winner. I decided to enter the competition, but when the big day came I was very nervous. When I got on stage I just froze, I didn’t even hear myself. People started laughing including my friends, they took my video and posted it on social media. I didn’t know what to do.

On my way home people kept pointing and laughing at me. When I got home, I only wanted to commit suicide, so I drank some pills and I slept. I was amazed to find myself awake. God had given me another opportunity to show people my talent so I took a video of myself singing and posted it on Facebook; I never read their comments.

I went to school the next day and everyone was apologising for their behaviour and I was given a prize. This made me strong and I am no longer shy.


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